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Okay, I confess, we have a nanny come for 7 hours once a week and sometimes more. I work from home. There is no way I could do half of what I do without a nanny and my mom. I used to try to work at home with 1 and then 2 kids with no help whatsoever. It resulted in a lot of frustration, resentment, bitterness toward my husband and almost burn-out. I was trying too hard to achieve my dream and dreams will never come true if you try to force them to become reality before their time… His time. It was at Making Things Happen when Lara Casey and Emily Ley had me speak the words of permission to give up the “mommy guilt”of trying to to be the perfect and control every aspect of my children’s lives, that I first start considering childcare. I was pregnant with our third. Around the same time, my parents found out they were going to be able to move to our town. Bonus! I would be getting free childcare with one of the few people I trusted to raise my children. As we went week to week, something changed. My dad started working 3 hours away. He just wasn’t able to find a position that fit nearby. So they bought a condo and now they split their time between here and there. It was a blow at first. Here, I thought finally after 4 years, my mom no longer has to be 10 hours from her grandkids and instead be 45 seconds from our house. But, now they have to live...
Mixing school and shopping

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Today, we did a short day of school and took a short field trip to the library. And I, being the insane optimist, thought, I’ll just get lunch out with the THREE kids and then go to Walmart with the THREE kids. The plan, leave the house at 10am, be back by 1:30, prep for a client meeting, which was scheduled for 3pm in my home studio. Reality: departure at 11:15 am, return at 2:45 with a van full of 2.5 weeks of groceries, D threw a fit at 2:55pm, my clients arrived a bit late (thank God!) at 3:15, D started throwing a fit at 3:40pm and woke up the baby at 3:45pm so I had all THREE kids at my client meeting, one of which was dressed as a ballerina fairy… welcome to real life. Now… I normally do not schedule client meetings when I don’t have help with the kids, but there was no way around this one, and I thought to myself (don’t forget here that I’m an insane optimist), “the kids will be exhausted from our errands and want to rest.” Oh, they were exhausted…overly exhausted… Thankfully, tonight is double date night with friends. I need some adult time. I wish I had a picture of this day. But, I kinda had my hands full… Here are a few to just give you a glimpse… this was when we tried to do a portrait session by ourselves before church. Again…I’m an insane optimist, just ask my husband.  ...