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Homeschool Day 2

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Today started out good…everyone was eager to make their own beds, get dressed and brush their teeth – wow!  As usual, my middle one took a bit longer to eat, but other than that our new morning routine was still hanging on. We all got into the school room a little after 9 and they both wanted to work on their daily morning binder (it teaches about the calendar, time-telling, handwriting, weather and so on.) so we tried doing that first. WELLLLLL… 5 minutes in and D starts to pitch a fit. Ha! Well, this is when I realized, Lindsay, what are you thinking, this poor boy has never done school, let alone every day… so after a time out and a talking to, he got to watch an Alphabet Animal show for a bit, then come back later to join in some singing at the end of our school activities. Lesson learned…now I’ve got to figure out what to do with him (besides TV) on the days he needs a break from school. Any suggestions??? In other news. Today was also our first day with the amazing Lindsey, our new nanny! (McG now calls us the Lindsays.) Side Note: Yes, we do have a nanny. I firmly believe that if mamas are gonna work, even from home, they should have childcare. I’ll go into that another time. She got here right after we finished school and I got to get some work done! Hooray! And the kids went outside to draw a whole city on the driveway. I love it! Did anyone else ever do this? I did! Stop...
First Day of School!

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Wow…my very first post! I thought it only fitting to start this blog on our very first day of home school. Yeah…I’m crazy.  Confession…I wrote a draft and posted it and came back to edit it and add images later. My blog isn’t really out there yet and I wanted to have a bit of a dramatic entrance. There. Now I feel better. Anyway… Today was…good. I moved our first day date a week earlier than planned. It was a soft start… a dry run, if you will. The reason I moved it… well, I was reading my curriculum last Friday and realized that if I didn’t start this week, we would be totally outta whack the whole semester. We start Classical Conversations a week from Friday and I wanted to get through a solid 2 weeks in our curriculum Our Father’s World because it starts with a 10 day intro. I felt totally unprepared for today. The school room was chaos. My middle one, D, woke up early, the baby, Mr. T & big sister, McG slept in. I went to bed late because I was reading “Gathering Blue” from “The Giver” quartet (I know, “for shame!” Self-control, Lindsay, self-control! But the movie JUST came out! I’m a sucker for a good book and a book that is turned into a movie becomes my obsession). Anyway, as we got into things, I realized that in actuality I kinda was prepared. WINNING! So we started by reading the first 5 verses of Genesis (a pretty good place to start anything, I suppose). The kids started their “Creation Book” and...