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Sometimes, we get so busy doing good things, we forget why we are doing them. Even though it is painful, sometimes we have to step back from a ministry. I had to step down from the Toloha Partnership Board for several reasons, but I knew God was asking me to do it. I was confused and frustrated. Then, I began to realize how much I was clinging to that ministry. It had become part of my identity. God wants our entire identity to be found in Him alone. It doesn’t matter how good the things we are doing are, if we are seeking fulfillment from those things, they are not worth the effort. He doesn’t need us to do things, but he wants us to be part of what he is doing. If doing things means losing our identity in Him, He will ask us to stop, come back to Him and then move us somewhere else. Finding our identity solely in him while in ministry (or doing anything in life) is like walking a tightrope. If every day, we are focusing on Jesus by reading in God’s word and constantly praying, it is... . ..
Palms Open

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That whole fear of not being good enough drove me to a workaholic faith. The thought of never being good enough translated into never doing enough. I would look at other people’s lives (playing the comparison game) and think they were doing so much more eternally worthy things in their lives. I would go into panic mode and start analyzing what I was doing and what else I could be doing. All the while, I was working so hard to make everything in my life look perfect (which obviously is impossible). And if I wasn’t perfect, I thought something was wrong – so something was always wrong and I was constantly trying to fix myself. And I thought my faith was just “not enough” (there are those two words again). I was totally over-thinking the “faith without works is dead” thing (James 2:26). This morning, I was reminded by my daily Bible verse on YouVersion, that it is so much simpler than that. “for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.” (Philippians 2:13) The more I tried to will myself to do work for God’s good pleasure, the more circles I ran around what really matters. Pretty soon, I would run myself into the ground. Thank the Lord, He does not leave us where we are. And thank the Lord for Bob Goff. It was in his book, Love Does that I was introduced to the “Palms Open” way of living. I’m sure God has tried to run this idea by me several times, but it finally clicked when...
The Guilt of Falling Short

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I was so strange as a child. If I thought I had done anything deserving punishment, I would tell my mom and send myself to my room. Most of the time, it was my own rules I had broken. This was at 5 years-old. That’s when I began chasing perfection. And it got worse. I was reading self-help books in middle school. I wanted the perfect life. I was taking it a step at a time. I could always be better than I was yesterday. (Anyone with me?) But I was impatient. I would plead with God to make me “better”. That’s not a bad prayer, but better leads to perfect and that’s really what I was after. A few years ago, I realized that my ultimate subconscious goal was to “make myself perfect.” And when I fell short of that, I would become engulfed by guilt. I was so sick of feeling guilty for falling short. I knew in my head that ultimately God’s grace covers all of me – good and bad, but in daily life I just didn’t embrace that grace. I just wanted be free – to live as I am, love God and love others. I can gratefully type now, God has freed me and is healing me from the years of the imprisonment. It really was like being in a jail with the door wide open, but I was telling myself I wasn’t good enough to be free. That’s the first thing he has revealed. My Biggest FEAR: I am not good enough. See how the goal of getting “better” plays into this?...

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Sometimes, especially after big days when big things happen, we all need downtime when we just spend time “being” with our children. I have found myself too much lately doing things while my kids are here. I’m not talking about being on my phone while sitting near them when they play. (That’s a whole other topic.) And I don’t even really mean actively playing with them. That’s obviously important, too. I’m talking about doing things that are relaxing, for the kids and parents. For us that means things that are quiet and peaceful…coloring, watching kid movies, cuddling on the couch and looking at or reading books, even watching kid TV. Things that are easy. Things that steer clear of a battle. Today was that kind of day. We had the Toloha Water Walk in the morning and we all just needed to veg for the rest of the day. We did everything easy: movies, pizza on paper plates, treats for them, cuddling on the couch. It was a rainy afternoon…perfect… Find out more about Toloha: So, what do y’all do to veg with your kids? That almost sounds like an oxymoron. Vegging and kids don’t usually go together....
Time Changes Need Superheroes

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I’m not sure who came up with the whole time change idea, but I’d like to have a conversation with him (I’m sure it was a man). I’m not saying it’s bad altogether. I love having more sunlight in the afternoon. But whyyyyy Suuundaaaay??? (read in a groaning whiny voice)??? Why not Saturday!? (read in a cheerful uplifting sing-songy voice) Here’s my case for changing it from Sunday to Saturday: there’s no school Saturday. That’s it. Sure, you may be saying, there’s not school Sunday either. BUT there’s school Monday! Making time change on Saturday at 2am as opposed to Sunday at 2 am, will give our internal clocks 2 whole days to readjust. Mondays are bad enough already, right!? Anyway, if someone somewhere would like to do something with this, be my guest! I don’t need credit for the brilliancy of my idea. Here’s where the superheroes come in: I tried to soften the blow of this throw-off day by letting my kids wear superhero capes to Aldi. I think it actually made things worse. I think they thought they could defy gravity. The two oldest decided to climb up on the counter (where people bag their groceries and there are signs everywhere saying not to climb on the counter and my kids are NEVER allowed to climb up on ANY counter to begin with). Well, one didn’t make it and he came down on the top of his head. Literally the top. I’m still not sure how this happened. So every person in the check-out line, shook their head and made some comment. The entire group was...