Who’s your Identity

Sometimes, we get so busy doing good things, we forget why we are doing them. Even though it is painful, sometimes we have to step back from a ministry. I had to step down from the Toloha Partnership Board for several reasons, but I knew God was asking me to do it. I was confused and frustrated. Then, I began to realize how much I was clinging to that ministry. It had become part of my identity. God wants our entire identity to be found in Him alone. It doesn’t matter how good the things we are doing are, if we are seeking fulfillment from those things, they are not worth the effort. He doesn’t need us to do things, but he wants us to be part of what he is doing. If doing things means losing our identity in Him, He will ask us to stop, come back to Him and then move us somewhere else.

Finding our identity solely in him while in ministry (or doing anything in life) is like walking a tightrope. If every day, we are focusing on Jesus by reading in God’s word and constantly praying, it is possible.

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