Time Changes Need Superheroes

I’m not sure who came up with the whole time change idea, but I’d like to have a conversation with him (I’m sure it was a man). I’m not saying it’s bad altogether. I love having more sunlight in the afternoon.

But whyyyyy Suuundaaaay??? (read in a groaning whiny voice)???

Why not Saturday!? (read in a cheerful uplifting sing-songy voice)

Here’s my case for changing it from Sunday to Saturday: there’s no school Saturday.

That’s it.

Sure, you may be saying, there’s not school Sunday either. BUT there’s school Monday! Making time change on Saturday at 2am as opposed to Sunday at 2 am, will give our internal clocks 2 whole days to readjust. Mondays are bad enough already, right!?

Anyway, if someone somewhere would like to do something with this, be my guest! I don’t need credit for the brilliancy of my idea.

Here’s where the superheroes come in:

I tried to soften the blow of this throw-off day by letting my kids wear superhero capes to Aldi. I think it actually made things worse. I think they thought they could defy gravity. The two oldest decided to climb up on the counter (where people bag their groceries and there are signs everywhere saying not to climb on the counter and my kids are NEVER allowed to climb up on ANY counter to begin with). Well, one didn’t make it and he came down on the top of his head. Literally the top. I’m still not sure how this happened.

So every person in the check-out line, shook their head and made some comment. The entire group was then silent as my son wailed and I tried to console him and scold my oldest daughter for leading him astray. Sometimes, no matter how many times you tell kids not to do things, and how much it seems to go against all common sense, they still do them.

I was embarrassed and pretty frustrated at this point. It was a bad trip. I should have known… isn’t it a common-known rule to never go to the grocery store with 3 kids on Time Change Monday?

But sometimes you just have to go to the store. That’s when you need superheroes!




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