On a snow day…

Snow Day 2015-4331

On a snow day, home school is hard. I’ve been a bit of a stickler this year and not called any snow days for our little classical academy. One reason is 2 of the public school snow days occurred after I let my daughter go to the beach with Grandma and skip school for 2 days… it was her birthday!

I was determined to get on track after the break. And I am certainly affirmed that getting back to our routine was the right decision. As we sat at the table watching the snow gently fall faster and faster through the window, I had a very distracted little girl beside me.

She never really sits still for school, but today she was up and down, putting one foot on the floor, shifting her weight from her arms to her bum. She stumbled over words I knew she could read if she was focused. And I wanted to pull my hair out. Patience is a slow lesson to learn… it may be a lifelong lesson. What do you think?

Teaching a child to do anything is hard. But just sitting by and letting them figure out a simple addition problem and not finishing a word they are struggling to read is extremely difficult for me. I literally have to bite my tongue and conceal groans of impatience. Sometimes I sit on my hands. Sometimes I clench my jaw to keep from nagging her.

And sometimes I fail. My tone of disappointment comes through. I whine like a little child. And then the guilt sets in. I say the things you’re “never supposed to say to a child” like “hurry up” or “you are going too slow.” And she is just a kindergartner… she is supposed to go slow.

There is one thing, though, my daughter is a stalling queen and sometimes acts dumb. And sometimes it’s hard for me to tell if she’s acting. I’ve been taken by a five year-old… and found out later. Oh. That’s when I get reeeeal mad. And I know she could talk circles around a lawyer (I’ve seen it – my husband is a laywer). Granted her vocabulary isn’t as precise or vast. So… needless to say, she is a bit of a challenge to teach. Can I get any “amens?” Plus it’s our first year, so I’m trying to be a little lenient.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to remember to realize (cuz I’ve really already realized this, but it needs to be a daily realization) that no matter how she is acting, I need to focus on teaching her. Not just how to read, add, subtract and all those other “R’s”, but I need to teach her how to respond to struggle, how to love, how to rise above. And that is done purely by example. My example.

It may have taken us an extra hour to get through school, but we finally did and she got to enjoy her belated birthday gift from God. (And I did give her a short break in the middle of school to catch a few snowflakes on her tongue.)

Snow Day 2015-4333 Snow Day 2015-4334 Snow Day 2015-4336

Yes, she has a Santa beard on. Her face was cold. Welcome to my life.

Below are some pix from later when she got to join Dec at Grandma’s.

Snow Day 2015-4345 Snow Day 2015-4347

Took these with my iPhone. Don’t judge.

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