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Tinidazole for sale, Tinidazole uk

where to buy tinidazole online So, Goal-setting has always been my thing… well, since I learned to write. If I could make a list for something, I did. I am one of those people who adds items to my list I forgot just so I can check them off. There’s a problem though – my record. I am probably between 40-50% successful when it comes to actually accomplishing my goals, especially my new year’s goals. Part of the problem: I have lists all over the place and half of them get lost or are in inconvenient places…like the bottom of my pocketbook.

The real problem is: I’m not realistic. I’ve recently learned that I am not a perfectionist in the sense that I thought I was. I’m a visionary – I have lots of ideas and I lack the determination, discipline and more than anything TIME to make those ideas happen. I also think that every idea I have should become a reality. Can you say “unrealistic.” I also think that every idea should be orchestrated with perfection. Again, say it with me now “unrealistic.”

And, sorry for any disappointment butttT…unfortunately this is not a post that is going to solve this problem. Check back in about 20 years and maybe by then, I’ll have something for you. Ha! No really, I am making a little progress.

Here are a few things I’m trying out this year that so far has relieved my twisted visionary perfectionist impulses:

1. I let go of ideas that will not work where I am at or I put them away for later in life. And by let go and put away, I mean I do not let them take up any of my brain space any more. I brain dump – get it on paper so it’s outta my head. I tend to hold onto things that I have or want to do in my mind unless they are written somewhere I know I will find them. It’s my mom-brain. I think if I keep thinking about something, I won’t forget it. And we all know that is a flawed theory. If I don’t write things down…poof! They’re gone. So…next,

2. I create a catch-all. This is a work in progress for me. I have started a binder system for different areas of my life. I have places in those binders (right now, I’ve got a daily planning binder – I call it my nutshell binder and a goal-setting binder, where I put my Power Sheets). I know everything in my head will go into these binders, so I feel secure enough to stop thinking about them.

2. I clear distractions. This goes hand in hand with number 1, but it goes beyond my own ideas to the ideas of others and time and brain sucks.  I pick and choose when it comes to social media and get rid of convenient meaningless time sucks (i.e. Facebook). I have taken Facebook off my phone (yes, I can still access it through Safari) so it doesn’t notify me when my aunt mildred puts a funny outfit on her cat (I don’t have an Aunt Mildred) and I am not less tempted to “kill time” by looking at my feed. (“kill time” what a horrible thing to do!) With others such as Instagram and Pinterest, I try to discipline my self. On Instagram, I limit when I check my feed, and as tinidazole (tindamax) over the counterencourages, I try only to follow those who inspire me or with who I have a personal relationship.

3. I pick a word. This one is fairly new. I started picking a word or two to focus on for the entire year. In the past, I would pick a couple and it…kinda worked. But this year, I went through the “One Word to Change Your Life” reading plan on the You Version App after tinidazole cream over the counterchallenged all of its members to do it this January. I am excited to see what happens. The writers were adamant about only choosing ONE word. Then, you are supposed to post it somewhere you will see it every day. I’m going to post it all over my house – haha!

I’ll tell you my word by the end of the week, I promise. Any guesses? How about a word to change your life? Could you pick one for this year?

Check out the You Version Bible App here: metronidazole or tinidazole over the counter and try out the “One Word to Change Your Life Plan” – it’s only 4 days and so good!

Let me know your word!

Tinidazole for sale, Tinidazole uk

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