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Today was our orientation for Classical Conversations (CC). I kinda felt like it was MY first day at a new school. I knew about 1/3rd of the moms so that makes things easier. I had a similar mindset to the one I had my freshmen year in college: this was a chance to really be myself with very few people knowing my history. It’s nice when people don’t know all your weaknesses or mistakes from the past. Plus, I love getting to know new people. So, we all had our clothes picked out the night before and our backpacks all packed. I picked something “safe” to wear that would not give much of an impression. (I’ll save my quirky clothes for later.) The kids got to bed early…I on the other hand could not sleep. My mind would not turn off. Ugh! Everything I had to do for the next…bazillion days was racing through my mind. I am in a search for a good planner so I can get all this stuff out of my head. Any suggestions??? Help! Well, I finally got to sleep, and after about 5 hours of pretty restful sleep, awoke and got everyone ready, did a quick lesson, got in the car and we even got there 10 minutes early. That is unheard of here. I have a goal this year since we only have one day each week that we need to be somewhere in the morning that we WILL make it there at least 5 minutes early. We got in safely, and then, once we got through the doors, a calm fell...
Our Chalk Table

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I am definitely a sentimental, and one of my favorite ways to decorate and furnish my house is to re-purpose pieces that have been passed down through generations of my family (or other families’ that I find in a thrift or antique store…or ones on the side of the road…yes, I’m a dumpster diver on occasion). This antique gate leg table was my great grandmother’s and I remember sitting at it to eat applesauce with ground cinnamon. Yum! After my grandma died, some of the furniture sat unused for many years, and this table had some bad water damage. We used it as our first dining room table in our small 900 sf town home – gate legs are great for small spaces. Then, we moved and got a bigger table and the old one sat in our shed for 2-3 years. I finally dusted it off and executed an idea I had to bring it a new life. I painted it with chalkboard paint. Voila! New life! I knew it would be a great school table because it could be folded down and put out of the way most of the time (such a smart space-saving idea!) The kids absolutely love it! The whole project was very simple. The table was already disassembled, so I sanded down the veneered top, got out my chalk paint, which someone had given me and rolled on two coats. I let it dry and then reassembled it. I tried magnetic paint first – did three coats and it is barely magnetic – oh well! I also left the legs and edges as...
Lay Low Mondays

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It has been my experience that Mondays are typically off. Throw in 3 kids 5 and under and get lots of whining, arguing and fit pitchin. I suspect the reason is a struggle with getting back into a routine after spending a couple days in utter chaos. Okay, I’m exaggerating, not chaos, more like willy nilly. If we are home, we try to stick to our normal routine on the weekends, but we allow the kids to play and well… be kids for most of the daytime hours. We also…(fingernail biting) let them stay up a little later (Sarcastic GASP!). I know, I know “we bring this on ourselves.” But where’s the fun in being a parent if we never have fun with our kids?  (Confession: I have to ask myself this question at least daily). So anyway, I decided that Mondays will be our lay low day from now until forever. I try to take a day of rest on Sunday (as much as possible at least) so Monday tends to be the day that we prepare for our week. We try to avoid going anywhere and just do laundry, clean, meal prep, and play. Of course we start with school and this is the first day of our second week of home school. It was bumpy, but we got through things. There were some frustrated tears shed by both big kids, but again, I was rewarded by McG’s progress. It’s so fun to see her light up when she “gets” something. After lunch, we tried playing a game of Trouble, but the idea of a fort lept...